Beltane Faery Blessing at St. Nectans Glen

We have been granted special private access to celebrate Beltane at the magical waterfalls of St Nectans Glen on the morning of Beltane! Monday 1st May! Laura Daligan will be leading the Beltane Faery Blessing, Meditation & Celebration at St. Nectans Glen.
An extra special faery celebration at one of the most enchanted waterfalls and woodlands in the world! Step into the faery portal of St Nectans Glen, bathe in the magical waterfall, tie your wish ribbons onto the trees and breathe in the magic of this sacred space on Beltane morning.

In our special and private time at the Glen we will drum gently to the land and the spirits of place, cast a faery circle and make our wishes, there will be a powerful faery healing meditation and the chance to explore and connect in your own personal way.

Traditionally Beltane morning is one of the most powerful times to see and receive wisdom from the faeries so this promises to be an extra special morning adventure!