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White Spring Re-Opens with New Gates!

The White Spring  reopened with beautiful new gates yesterday with an opening ceremony with many of the local Glastonbury community, including keeper, Lisa Goodwin, picture below with the new gates.


The gates were created by Phil Raynor of Millstream Forge – who is not only a blacksmith, but a skilled master craftsman. He also creates beautiful magical tools and jewellery , see his website: www.millstreamforge.co.uk

Lisa said, “Yesterday was wonderful, so many people came to show their love for this place – it makes the destruction pale into insignificance. Although the vandalism was devestating, the magical story that has unfolded as a consequence is remarkable – I am amazed at how quickly it was turned round into a positve, and with the help of our community we have managed to create such an exquisite gateway that represents the beauty and magic to be found inside the White Spring. This is such a powerful transformation. Not just visually, the sound coming from the well house is potent and the wild rushing water can be heard outside, the atmosphere around the well house is fantastic, and the divine magic within is now expressed outside too.”

We asked Lisa to tell us a bit about the symbolism behind the gates…

“The symbols are intended to reflect some of the energies we celebrate here at the White Spring and the living mythology of this land. The top image depicts Brighde’s cross, in honour of the Celtic Goddess, a guardian of the White Spring. The image at the base is the triple flame, the fires of inspiration, transformation, and the nurturing flame of the hearth. Also representative of the three drops of inspiration and the cauldron of the Dark Lady from the tale of the bard Taliesin and the three rays of Awen. The central image is inspired from an image we have been using for some time, a spiral within Glastonbury Tor to represent the otherworld and home of the King of the Realm of Fae. We have included the Tor and the tower in honour of Archangel Micheal. These are aspects of divine magic that we feel to be potent here. I hope you will agree that these are exquisite gates that reflect the beauty of the inner sanctuary.” said Lisa.


How is the money raised at the Imbolc Faery Ball and other donations helping the White Spring?

Lisa: “We are in the process of designing a beautiful giant throne in the chamber that can be seen from outside; through the courtyard entrance, This is to be a shrine of the archetypal sun god; and to honour that in it’s aspect of Lugh, the master craftsman, we will have a spear made to represent this solar archetype and a sun disk that will reflect the golden rays of the sun when they enter the building. The funds from the fairy ball will be used to provide materials for this project and any left over will be put toward the cost of renovating the courtyard and transforming it into a wonderful faery garden, allowing the divine magic within to spill out into the garden xxx.”

If you’d like to add to this please donate directly via the various methods listed on the official website:

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