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‘Fairy Festival Celebrates Ten Years!’

10250175_952507868134695_5961862255246258601_nIn 2016 3 Wishes celebrates TEN YEARS as the UK’s premiere faery festival with live music and outdoor camping! There will be a world record attempt for the most fairies gathered in one place! The rules are simple, each fairy must be wearing wings and a tutu, and they must be holding a wand. The award winning 3 Wishes Faery Fest attracts visitors from all over the world. 

Festival founder and co-organiser, Karen Kay says, “Each year the atmosphere seems to be more and more magical, like a real-life fairy-tale. the looks on the faces of all the children, and adults too, is a sight to behold! We pride ourselves on creating a safe and happy space where families can come together and celebrate faeries at this very special time of year – the summer solstice.”

Karen continues, “We will be attempting another world record for the most fairies gathered in one place! But this time there will be a difference, we are holding the attempt just outside the festival gates, so that members of the public can join in for free. We are also hoping to get the local schools involved, and make it a real community gathering!”

“With the popularity of fairytale and fantasy television series, like ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Once Upon A Time’, it’s easy to see why so many people are starting to become interested in events such as the 3 Wishes Faery Fest. It’s an opportunity to express your magical self, in a fun environment with the whole family!”.

11536098_1020234424660935_7318183212486007620_n“Almost everyone was told fairy stories as a child, and it’s something that is very deep within us all, so that’s why I think my faery events have become so popular – because everyone can relate, even if it’s through some distant childhood memory.”

Midsummer is a time of year that is often associated with faeries, and Shakespeare tapped into this with his play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, and in honour of this there will be a trapeze performance based around the theme of this popular and timeless classic.

This year we have so many wonderful things for visitors to see and do, and everything is included in the ticket price (except for food and drink, and purchases made from the craft stalls).

Once inside the site, you’ll feel as if you have been transported into a ‘real life’ fairyland full of all kinds of magical creatures, with wings, wands, and sparkle!


The music stage runs from midday until midnight each day, and every night you’ll see a fire Faery show in the Faery Kingdom Arena. There is also a magical faerie bar!

“The UK is known worldwide for it’s folklore and fairytales, so it makes sense that people would wish to travel to the UK, and more importantly the south west of England, to visit a faery themed family event. Once you cross over the Tamar Bridge, it’s like stepping into a magical bubble, I suppose that’s what some folks call ‘fairyland’. It really is a tangible feeling, and you can feel that the faeries really do live here on this ancient Celtic land.”

As well as activities and fun for the little ones, there’s a whole heap of fun for big faeries too. With live music performances, and there is bound to be a musical delight for every musical taste!



Tickets are £99 for the full 3 days and nights and include access to camping areas (please note tents are not provided – unless you decide to book a luxury camping experience). Children under 7 are free, and 7 to 17 are £12 per day.

The festival takes place from 17th to 19th  June 2016. For more information  visit or call the ticket hotline on 01736 330201